RABATECH's tool and mould making works with state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems to help you benefit from maximum flexibility, maximum quality and transparent processes.

RABATECH toolmaking designed for small and large series

We help you with small quantities (1-1000) and large series (> 1 million). Our fexibility should be your advantage and we can do this by combining your requirements with our know-how, producing your injection moulding tool in the most cost effective way. We coordinate production with our customer and can take place both in Germany, our plants in Hungary and Romania as well as with our partner in Asia.

Our tool and mould making specialists find the optimal plastic solution for their needs. Small quantities e.g. made of aluminium and with inserts, large quantities with high-quality steels.
The sampling is always done with original material to ensure our precision in the final plastic part.
And what can we do for You?
  • Development and production of precise shapes for injection moulding
  • Steady customer contact
  • Error avoidance with risk analysis
  • Filling simulation in injection moulding
  • Good tool times
  • Short turnaround times CAD/CAM/HSC milling/erode
  • Safe manufacturing 5-Axis milling
  • Quick correction loops
  • Experience in toolmaking
  • Phase plan for production plus progress report
  • Control of quality with appropriate measuring reports
  • 24-hour production