At RABATECH you will also receive assembly activities that can be carried out in Nuremberg or at our related plant in Romania 7/24 h, certified IATF - 2018.

So our clients can bennefit either of the proximity of german assembly locations or of the most competitive assembly rates in the EU.

Assembling in LCC can bring huge savings.There is also the possibility to inject plastics parts to produce tools in the same location of the assembly (Timisoara, Romania).

 The specially required activities are carried out efficiently by now very experienced employees as well as equipment.
We combine electronic components in enclosures, screw parts, glue materials etc.

We refine by printing, painting, ultrasonic welding, water transfer pressure-in any case, you get their logo as you wish.
We also help you in the area of packaging beyond our standards.

Please don't hesitate to contact us!